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The MPDWay™

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The MPDWay™

Changing your Oral Health for Life

Client Name: My Dad, Peter

This blog is a little personal for me as it is about my dear old Dad, Peter. Let me give you a little background on my dad. He is a 61 year old in great health, he has never had any major medical problems and has never missed a dental appointment in his life! Yet with his great health and seeing a dentist on a 3 month recare interval I could not stand to sit across from him at the dinner table because it smelled like something died in his mouth. 

Photo of MPD Client Peter

This is something that he knew, and he had voiced his concern to every dentist he had seen in recent years (3 different dentists due to relocating) yet no one could give him real answers and more so could not fix the problem for him. All suggested using different products for bad breath; Listerine, TheraBreath, and Colgate always seemed to be top of the list but nothing ever worked. None suggested starting at the root of the problem which were his inflamed bleeding gums.

Introduction to the MPDWay™

Fast forward to 2017, I moved back to Steamboat Springs, a rural ski town in Colorado to start a new career with McCreight Progressive Dentistry. After only a week of being a new addition to the office I insisted that my dad needed to come in because I felt like I could finally give him the answers he was looking for and really help him out. I should mention that I worked in other dental offices in the New York City area but never felt comfortable bringing a family member into the practice because they were never large improvements on the offices they were already in.

By the end of his first visit he could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel; He was being educated on his oral health for the first time ever in 61 years! Things were coming together, the links between his inflammation and bleeding points were starting to make sense. By the end of that first visit he and Jamie Rotunno, his dental hygienist, had a plan of attack. He was finally using a Sonicare, a Waterpik loaded with ClōSYS and Hydrogen Peroxide, We collected a specimen for the OralDNA®, MyPerioPath®, Celsus One™ and HPV, and he had impressions for his new Perio Protect Trays going to the Perio Protect Lab. Combining all of these methods and products together Dr’s Jim and Wendy McCreight created the MPDWay™ which is changing the way we treat our clients.Before and After MPDWay

Implementation of the MPDWay™

A few weeks later we had him back to introduce him to his new best friend, his Perio Protect trays, (and I do mean to call the trays his best friend!) his Perio Gel, and a Doxycycline gel. He was a little unsure about using these trays 3 times a day but he was willing to do anything! After week 2 he was a believer, he was already seeing and feeling improvements, plus I was not telling him every time I saw him that he needed to brush his teeth. Win, Win, Win situation we created here!

We had done what he viewed as impossible in only a matter of months and now my dad should be wearing a shirt that says “Ask me about my gums!” because he has never been more proud of his smile and the current start of his oral health. He is the poster child for how amazing these Perio Protect Trays are in combination with the MPDWay™. Friends, Family and his now Financé all notice the changes and are now asking how they too can regain control of their oral health. In which the answer is very simple! Step one, wanting to help yourself and your oral health. Step two, pick up the phone to call McCreight Progressive Dentistry (970) 879-4703 to set up your New Client Appointment NOW.Before and After the MPDWay

Below Jamie Rotunno, My father’s Hygienist, explains the science behind how we were able to make this all possible. Before this blog gets turned over to her, I just need to express my gratitude to not only Jamie for being the one who is hands on with him but also Dr’s Jim and Wendy McCreight for their vision of the practice and the development of the MPDWay™ which has made the most profound impact on my dads life.

Real Results using the MPDWay™

Background: The patient is a 61-year-old male who presented with concerns of halitosis. The home care routine consisted of daily tooth brushing and inconsistent flossing. Following the periodontal assessment, the patient was classified as Class III generalized periodontitis with localized Class IV due to pocket depth measurements, heavy bleeding on probing with inflamed, bulbous and erythematous tissue. The patient has a history of periodontal therapy and has maintained a 3-month recare interval.

Challenge: To reduce periodontal pathogens, a significant cause for the periodontal inflammation and halitosis.

Solution: We collected a specimen for the OralDNA® MyPerioPath® on July 13, 2017 to identify the bacterial cause and to determine the patient’s host response, a Celsus One™ was also ordered from the same specimen. Once results were analyzed, PerioProtect® trays were recommended for use 2-3x/day with doxycycline gel for 6 weeks. The goal of the trays was to reduce inflammation. The patient’s compliance with the trays reduced the inflammation significantly. The initially proposed 12 hours of non-surgical periodontal therapy, due to the patient’s high Inflammatory Index of the Celsus One, was reduced to 4 hours. The 4 hours non-surgical treatment consisted of microsonics, irrigation with CloSYS®and laser therapy. Systemic antibiotics were considered but placed on reserve just in case the patient did not respond to therapy. The home care routine was extended to include use of an electric toothbrush 2x/day, water irrigation daily and the PerioProtect® trays for maintenance 2x/day with a 1.7% peroxide gel. This treatment approach exemplifies a phrase we have coined, the McCreight Progressive Dentistry Way-MPD Way™, where each case is personalized. We consider all of our patients to be family and provide this higher quality of care for everyone.

Results: Clinically there was a significant decrease in bleeding on probing and pocket depth reduction was amazing. The MyPerioProgress™ showed pathogen reduction from 8 bacteria above threshold to 0 above threshold. I enjoy seeing a patient’s reaction when they realize they have some control over what is happening. When they do the requested increased home care and are able to reduce therapy time, they are thrilled. This re-enforces home care for maintenance. In this case, the patient’s partner was tested with a MyPerioPath® which revealed periodontal pathogens very similar to this patient; however, the partner has refused treatment at this time. This places our patient at risk for periodontal relapse especially due to the Celsus One results. We will monitor this patient very closely.

Before and After Pathogen results**To learn more about becoming an OralDNA Provider: Text “OralDNA” to 43766**


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By: Anna Nierenberg, Director of First Impressions at McCreight Progressive Dentistry


Jamie Rotunno, MPD Hygienist, International Dental Lecturer