Core Values

Read about the four McCreight Progressive Dentistry Core Values below:


Our team focuses on solving dental problems, from the simple to complex, using the latest technology and techniques. We do this through lifelong learning and consistency in our care for you. We all have a strong belief in our service/product and think that it is important to lead by example; we all do the actions needed for optimal oral health.


Our approach to top tier customer service is rooted in an amazing experience for YOU. This starts with our dedicated and highly educated team. We understand that with dentistry comes a level of fear of the unknown or fear based on past experience, and we are here to change that. We work hard at providing a soothing environment while in the office and want that experience to carry over after you leave through follow up and follow through. Our goal is to provide a WIN experience


The McCreight Progressive Dentistry team attracts loyal team members who are proud of the dental office they represent. In turn, dental clients choose our office over other offices because of this loyal team they recognize at each visit. We do this by creating a work environment where all team members can grow. A loyal team takes care of dental clients on a level that is beyond most dental offices. A loyal team equals loyal dental clients.


We vow to be our authentic selves to develop a lasting relationship with you, our client. We believe integrity, challenging the status quo and price transparency are key to providing the very best for you. Our promise to you, “High Five in Ten”. This means that you will be in a better place dentally in 10 years through the collaborative effort of us and you and because of this we will high five each other in ten years.