About Us

Why Choose McCreight Progressive Dentistry?

There are many good options in Northwest Colorado and Steamboat to get basic dental care as well as cosmetic dentistry. After all most area dentists have the best interests of their respective clients in mind.  Most clients that seek the care of the McCreight Progressive Dental Team want the best and most progressive dental care available.

What makes McCreight Progressive Dentistry different?

McCreight Progressive Dentistry was founded on complete health dentistry in a comfortable dental office environment of trust and win/win treatment outcomes that differs from the traditional dental office. Clients at McCreight Progressive Dentistry are fully informed of all treatment options before the procedure begins. With this approach McCreight Progressive Dentistry clients are active participants in the desired treatment outcome including knowing how much money and time is involved with each procedure before it is performed.

When treatment options are provided at each stage of the dental treatment process (even the option of doing nothing) there are very little surprises. In result clients choose the level of health they desire. McCreight Progressive Dental clients love this fresh approach to dental care.

The McCreight Progressive Dental Team believe all dental visits should be comfortable, and more importantly, provided in an environment where our clients feel respected, important and not just another number like some of the bigger dental offices.

Our dental clients are why McCreight Progressive Dentistry exists and the reason for our passion driven purpose to offer the most progressive approach to dental care available in the Yampa Valley and beyond.


Our Mission Statement

McCreight Progressive Dentistry is an office where genuine care and comfort of our clients is our highest mission and concern.

We pledge to provide the finest dental services and facilities for our clients who will always enjoy a warm and relaxed atmosphere, a professional and caring team, and the highest quality of services based upon the client’s educated choice and financial capability.

The McCreight Progressive Dentistry experience should enliven client trust, instill a feeling of well-being and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of all our clients.

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