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Understanding Dental Benefits

Understanding Dental Benefits Why doesn’t my insurance plan cover the treatment the Doctor is recommending? By Ronald D. Jackson DDS, FAGD, FAACD 2001Revised by: Ronald D. Jackson DDS, FAGD, FAACD March 2021 Anna Nierenberg, Director of First Impressions March 2021 The first thing to understand about dental insurance is that it isn't insurance at all. Insurance originated as and is... read more »

Toothpaste Abrasiveness – Are You Picking the Right Toothpaste?

Toothpaste Abrasiveness Are you picking the right toothpaste? Are you picking the correct toothpaste for your dental needs? Have you ever found yourself standing in the toothpaste aisle at the grocery store or Walmart thinking which toothpaste should I get this time? Maybe you are the type of person who switches from brand to brand or from whitening to gum... read more »

The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer Picture this, you're watching the scariest movie you have ever seen, you know you're having nightmares tonight and probably the next few nights. There is no way you are turning the lights off in your house. This movie is not your typical horror movie that contains ghosts, demons, or kidnappers,  although this silent killer is more terrifying... read more »

2018 Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series Lineup

2018 Steamboat Free Summer Concert Series Lineup Summertime in Steamboat Springs is a truly magical experience with endless outdoor options. While most flee to the mountains or lakes to get in their weekend camping, many choose to stick around. Why? For the Free Concert Series! Since 1993 locals and tourists alike show up by the thousands to Howelsen Hill; throw... read more »

Dental Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Vacation Dental Tips This summer as we all get ready for our various trips around the world it is important that you take care of your oral health the same on vacation as you do at home. We at McCreight Progressive Dentistry have provided some great tips useful for everyone from the middle school camper to the 3 month European explorer.... read more »

#WhatIWishIdKnown Challenge

#WhatIWishIdKnown Challenge We’re asking women of the McCreight Progressive Dentistry team to share what they wish they’d known about being healthy at different ages and stages in their lives. In other words, what health advice would you share with your younger self? Don’t sweat the small stuff? Get more sleep? Protect your skin from the sun? Wear comfortable shoes? Whatever... read more »

National Kick Butts Day

National Kick Butts Day (Warning: Blog Contains Graphic Images) “We are at a historic moment in our fight to end the epidemic of tobacco use that continues to kill more of our citizens than any other preventable cause” -Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., M.P.H., Former Surgeon General Smoking-- We all know that is bad for us and understand the... read more »

The MPDWay™

The MPDWay™ Changing your Oral Health for Life Client Name: My Dad, Peter This blog is a little personal for me as it is about my dear old Dad, Peter. Let me give you a little background on my dad. He is a 61 year old in great health, he has never had any major medical problems and has never... read more »

Veneers- The Modern and Convenient Way to Enhance Your Smile

Veneers- The Modern and Convenient Way to Enhance Your Smile Porcelain Veneers offer a great solution to address a wide variety of the cosmetic problems that many clients face. They are a perfect treatment for those who have stained, chipped, or misshapen teeth. Bonded to your tooth enamel, Veneers mimic the look, shape and feel of natural teeth. Veneers are an... read more »

The Story of the Broken Tooth

The Story of the Broken Tooth   It is easy to assume that you will never have a Dental Emergency or experience a Broken Tooth. Dr. Wendy and Dr. Jim always tell you what a great job you are doing between cleanings, you are careful of what you bite into, you’ve never had a cavity and don't play outdoors in the... read more »