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Fred After - Steamboat Dentistry porcelain restorations
Dr Fred Gordon (Former Cosmetic Dentist-Vail, Colorado). Smile by Dr James W.W. McCreight via full mouth restoration with 28 veneers/crowns.

Welcome to the McCreight Progressive Dentistry photo gallery of before and after pictures of some of our clients. After going through thousands of clinical photos of dental procedures we have completed the past 20 plus years, we thought it was time to show you what the team at McCreight Progressive Dentistry can do. These are photos of local clients as well as clients from around the world.

Ever wonder why you see the same pictures on many other local dental websites?
The dirty secret is that “before and after” photos on these other dental office websites are stock images purchased from a photo service. Deceptive, right? Most consumers have no way of knowing otherwise. When inquiring about a dental procedure, make it a point to ask if the photos shown are the actual work of the respective dentist you will be seeing. Furthermore, ask to see photos of the actual procedure you are interested in.

All photos presented in this gallery are clients of McCreight Progressive Dentistry and photo consents were obtained to allow us to show these pictures to you. No photos were altered via PhotoShop, so photo quality might not be ideal in some cases shown. All photos reflect actual procedures that were done by the hands of the McCreight Dental Team in Steamboat for our wonderful family of clients.

We have always said to perspective clients that interview us for dental services to simply ask two questions of the dentist you are interviewing.

The first question is “Can I see your teeth?”
The second question is “Can I see before and after photos of cases that you and your dental team have done?”

All dentists that are cutting edge have a lot of before and after photos showing their clinical procedures. Furthermore, a dentist that has an awesome smile is “walking the walk” and believes a healthy smile is important.

Enjoy some of the photos we have selected of the procedures we LOVE to do.

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