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Laser Dental Cleanings-The Basics

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Laser Dental Cleanings-What Is Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)?

Jessica Berthelson, RDH shown here with diode laser eye ware protection as well as showing the tip of the laser that she uses to decrease bacteria in the gums. Jessica has been certified to use the diode laser for almost 12 years. She brings a huge amount of experience and success to the Yampa Valley with Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) offered with dental cleanings at McCreight Progressive Dentistry. (August 2017)

Laser dental cleanings are nothing new to McCreight Progressive Dentistry (MPD). In fact, Dr’s Jim and Wendy introduced the diode laser to the Yampa Valley 17 years ago. The majority of our clients choose “laser therapy” at every preventive care (dental cleaning) or supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) appointment or even during periodontal therapies (deep cleanings) with something that is called laser bacterial reduction, or LBR for short. So, what is it about the LASER that is so important to MPD and why do we recommend at least LBR to all clients?

The diode laser tip that is used for dental cleanings for 17 years at McCreight Progressive Dentistry. All dentists and hygienists at McCreight Progressive Dentistry are certified from the Academy of Laser Dentistry to insure client safety and comfort.

LBR is an excellent adjunct to preventative care in that the therapy in itself helps to reduce the amount of bacteria underneath the gums. As we all know bacteria can and will cause inflammation and infection and if left untreated may cause a bacteremia, gingivitis, or periodontal disease. And even worse SYSTEMIC DISEASES like (cardio vascular disease) CVD!!! 😳This works by introducing heat and denaturing or bursting the cell walls of the bacteria. When used in conjunction with a periodontal therapy lasers also help to “grab” onto any necrotized (diseased) tissue caused by periodontal pathogens along with killing those harmful bugs.  Team MPD likes this because it helps to reduce inflammation, infection, and decreases the healing time for all of our clients.

Laser Dental Cleanings-Other Uses Beyond Gum Therapy

Laser therapy also has been proven to increase the effectiveness of periodontal therapies (deep cleanings). We also use lasers for more than just dental cleanings and deep cleanings! If you suffer from cold sores, fever blisters, or canker sores, let us know! The laser can help to reduce the healing time, pain, and has even stopped some sores from reoccurring 😳👍

Laser Dental Cleanings-Fun Facts About Lasers

Dr Jim McCreight (co-founder of McCreight Progressive Dentistry) undergoes a laser therapy procedure called laser bacterial reduction (LBR) by laser certified hygienist and national/international dental hygiene lecturer, Mrs Jessica Berthelson, RDH.

This is a picture of the corner of a dental client’s mouth with a lesion (fibroma) that was annoying to our dental client. The diode laser (ADT Diolase ST) was used to remove the lesion as you can see in the “after” photo. Laser procedure by Dr Wendy M McCreight. Photography by Dr James W.W. McCreight

One fun fact about lasers is that the word in itself is actually an acronym! It stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Here at MPD we use the American Dental Technologies Diode STL and could not be happier with the results! Here are some fun pictures of Dr. James W. W. McCreight receiving LBR from one of our hygienists Jessica Berthelson.  Click on this video link to see LBR therapy at McCreight Progressive Dentistry.  Even doctors need inflammation reduction 😉


Jamie Rotunno, RDH

Hygienist for McCreight Progressive Dentistry

National/International Dental Hygiene Speaker

Key Opinion Leader for Several Dental Companies