Audrey Danner - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Audrey Danner

Thank you to the team at McCreight Progressive Dentistry for such excellent care of my mouth and smile. My journey began with ground down teeth and periodontal disease in my mouth. Each of you made a difference and helped me to regain my dental health. Jessica Berthelson continues to help me maintain my dental health with consistent care and education. I am one happy lady with a gorgeous smile of healthy teeth. Thank you for your kindness, your expertise and such a wonderful staff that made the process worthwhile. My smile is absolutely the best I have had!

Audrey Danner
Previous Moffat County Commissioner
Chief Operating Officer of Mountain Connect Broadband Development Conference

Jill Glazier - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Jill Glazier

Everyone has been extremely helpful from day one after my accident! They gave me a great smile even better than before, after a very traumatic event!

Jill Glazier
Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation
Steamboat Springs, CO

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Richard Thielemann - Steamboat-Dentistry Smile Transformation
Richard J. Thielemann

I would like to say besides the fabulous work that Dr Jim McCreight did to make my teeth and smile look so GREAT, that it also gave me tons of confidence in my field of Fashion Jewelry. The McCreight Team has also given that same wonderful and caring dental treatment to my wife and children. I would also like to say that since meeting the McCreight family that they are as kind, friendly and as dear of friends as we have met or known anywhere we have lived around the world.

Richard J. Thielemann
Jewelry Designer
Denver, CO

Jody Cork - Steamboat-Dentistry Smile Transformation
Jody Cork

I have been meaning to send you a thank-you card and now it has been a year since you gave me the smile I always dreamed of. Words can’t say enough about how I feel. From the first time I walked into your office you and your staff have always made me feel welcome and made sure that I was comfortable through the whole process. The before and after pictures of your patients are what convinced me that I had finally found the right dentist. So please use my pictures and if anyone would like to know about my experience please contact me. You do amazing work and what a great job to have making people smile.

Jody Cork
Steamboat Springs, CO

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Dr. Fred Gordon - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Dr. Fred Gordon

I teach aesthetic dentistry at The Las Vegas Institute (LVI). When I decided to restore my smile I had a choice. I literally know the best dentists in the world so I did the only logical thing I chose the best, Dr. Jim McCreight. Not only did I get what I wanted, but Dr. Jim, Dr. Wendy and the whole team exceeded my expectations. I am thrilled with my new smile.

Dr. Fred Gordon
International Educator in Neuromuscular and Aesthetic Dentistry
Dentist to Former President Gerald Ford
Vail, CO

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Jessica Berthelson - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Jessica Berthelson, RDH

First off I would like to thank Doctors Jim and Wendy as well as Mr Bob Clark (Williams Dental Lab) for the most amazing smile I thought I would ever have. I have worked for McCreight Progressive Dentistry for over 6 years and have seen the amazing smile transformations that have occurred and the difference it has made in those clients lives. I had 10 veneers (IPS e.max) completed and my smile is literally perfect. Now I can talk to my dental hygiene clients about my smile transformation and the positive impact it has had on my life!

Jessica Berthelson, RDH
Dental Hygienist
McCreight Progressive Dentistry

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Jeanne Whiddon - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Jeanne Whiddon

It’s been one month since my total (tooth) reconstruction has been completed and I find myself missing you all. I can’t tell you how many times people comment on my “weight loss” or “tan”. What their comments tell me is how natural my makeover looks, because they never mention my teeth… just that I look awesome.

I have always been treated as a special patient whenever in your chair. The time and care you have given to me and my case have always been appreciated.

Jeanne Whiddon
Former Routt County Treasurer
Steamboat Springs, CO

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Steve Weinland - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Steve Weinland

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have already passed since you finished my oral reconstruction…simply stated I would like you to know that I couldn’t be happier with my decision to have my own permanent teeth as opposed to dentures. While you made it clear in the beginning that the later (dentures) was somewhat cheaper and easier…I can tell you that (full mouth) reconstruction is without question the more pleasurable end result.

I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to have so many people compliment me on how good I was looking and then have them state that they just couldn’t figure out what I had done. Some folks say they thought I had actually grown more hair or that I had lost weight. I say this because it becomes obvious that my new smile was so natural looking. I can also say that my worries about speech, my bite or any other associated problems that travel with dentures just didn’t surface.

Your staff should be incredibly proud in the knowledge that the best dentistry available in these modern times is available through your practice right here in Steamboat Springs.

Mr Steve Weinland
Former Owner, Aces High/Royal Flush Industries
Steamboat Springs, CO

Dr. Carolyn Kupka DDS - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Dr. Carolyn Kupka DDS

I love my new teeth-all 28 upper and lower teeth. Dr. McCreight you have done such exquisite workmanship with such a calming, caring presence. The new smile is so natural and personalized “just for me.” I feel so glamorous and happy; what a boost to self-esteem. The color choice is excellent and your lab is sweet! Having the chance to evaluate the shade and tooth contour in your temporaries was such a great help.”

As a practicing dentist I have even more fears and huge anxiety, since I truly know what the process is and what complications can arise. Jim, you settled that. Jim, you are calming and kind to work with and you stop to answer questions and explain as well. With comfort top priority, you check in often during the procedure! I really appreciate the extra touch.

I have had too much experience with dentists and their work. I would unquestionably recommend you, Dr. McCreight, for any dental procedure. My bite is comfortable and my smile is the BEST. I am so happy with my teeth and my dentist. Thank you Dr. Jim!!!!

Dr. Carolyn Kupka, DDS
Boulder, CO

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Deborah Olsen - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Deborah Olsen

I was sitting in the chair at McCreight Progressive Dentistry the other day, thinking back on all the time over the years I’ve spent staring at ceilings in dental/orthodontic offices… from chunky childhood fillings before the days of fluoride to teenage braces, wisdom teeth extractions and later-in-life periodontal problems.

Not once in all that time did I picture myself relaxed in a dental chair, with a pillow under my neck while primo (Bose noise cancellation) headphones deliver my favorite tunes. You and your skilled staff have changed my whole attitude toward dentistry… and my own dental hygiene. I’ve gone from feeling cursed with bad teeth to confident with my smile.

Getting to that point required a fair number of dental procedures, something with which I have more than passing familiarity. But never in the past have they been painless and stress-free.

Deborah Olsen
President, Ski Town Media
Publisher, Steamboat Magazine
Steamboat Springs, CO

Clay Whiddon - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Clay Whiddon

I never thought confidence in your teeth could so vastly impact your ability to connect with others. Walking into a handshake with a shiny smile showing proudly dramatically changes the outcome. Walking down the street and having the confidence to look people in the eyes and smile versus looking at the ground or simply not smiling has changed my outlook on life. Drs. McCreight and their staff are incredibly professional, employ the most welcoming and well versed staff, and literally live their passion every day doing dentistry. If you see a physician or a dentist, you want them to be the leader in the industry and someone who truly enjoys continuing to better the knowledge of other dental practices. You will see that and so much more at McCreight Progressive Dentistry.

Clay Whiddon, MPH
Steamboat Springs, CO

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Andy Lex - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Andy Lex

Three years ago I needed some major dental work done. I reached out to my old kayaking buddy “Jimbo” to help me out. I knew from our history of having each other’s backs running white-water that Jim was the only guy for the job. In my profession I spend the majority of the year working in the wilderness, I needed rock-solid dental work that I could depend on hundreds of miles away from a dentist. Jim delivered a dental case that works, feels, and looks great! Jim is more than an OUTSTANDING dentist; he will always be a good buddy of mine. Thanks for caring so much Jim; you and your team go above and beyond! Cheers.

Andy Lex
Kayak Instructor
Snowboard Team Head Coach
NOLS Field Instructor
Jackson Hole, WY

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Socorro - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Socorro Prieto

The (MPD) Team is so nice… they make you feel so comfortable… like you are important… they care like you are a part of a family.

I did not feel any confidence before having my teeth fixed… now I love to smile!

The Team is kind… you can see the kindness in them…

Socorro Prieto
Craig, CO

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Sansa - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation

My office visits were nothing short of amazing throughout the procedure. Everyone in your office is friendly and very knowledgeable… you and your staff made me feel like my comfort was everyone’s prime concern. Thanks again for the amazing work you did on my teeth!


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Brent Rowan - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Brent Rowan & Dr. Jim

Much thanks to you and your Team for my great experience in your office. Not being one for regular dentist’s visits… it has never been my favorite thing to do. Because of your excellence… that has changed and I wanted to let you know I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness.

Brent Rowan
5x CMA Nominee for Instrumentalist of the Year
Nashville music studio guitar musician and music producer
2x Academy of Country Music’s Guitarist of the Year

Tim Krumrie - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Dr. Jim & Tim Krumrie

The office is outstanding… very comfortable… the Team remembers your name in that they welcome you as a person not just a name in a book… I also have a busy schedule and Dr Jim understands… the Team makes it convenient to get in and out…

I went to Dr Jim with a discolored tooth and I came out with an excellent set of teeth… I would recommend Dr Jim to anyone that wants to smile…

Tim Krumrie
Professional Football Player (retired)
Professional Football Coach (Defensive Line-current)

Amanda Back - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Amanda Back

The coolest gift I have ever gotten that changed my life were my veneers!  I have 10 gorgeous IPS e.max (Ivoclar) veneers!  Thanks to Drs Jim and Wendy and our awesome ceramist (Mr Bob Clark, CDT, LVIM-Williams Dental Lab) I have the smile of my dreams.  It’s the coolest and most generous gift the McCreight’s could have ever done for me!  I am not just saying this…Drs Jim and Wendy and the Team do the best dentistry in the Valley for sure and possibly the World!  Thanks Again for changing my life with such a amazing smile!

Amanda Back
Mountain West Insurance
Craig, CO

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Dean Cork - Steamboat Dentistry Smile Transformation
Dean Cork

…the staff caters to your needs…Jim and his wife are the ultimate professionals… and really care about your needs…

…I am not a person that likes to go to dentists in the past, but McCreight Progressive Dentistry has changed my attitude about that…in short they ROCK!!

Dean Cork
International Police Advisor
(US State Department, Dyn Corp International, Afghanistan)

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Found a gold mine!

Came from out of town and was in a jam with time. Luckily my wife found this place online, so we decided to give them a shot. And super glad we did!

The staff, atmosphere, complimentary snacks, equipment are all super awesome and high tech!

…Very caring and passionate about teeth and health. It’s too bad my time was cut short with this team…

…I highly recommend coming into this office.

Redwood City, CA

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Short version: make an appointment today!!! You will not be disappointed!

The office is conveniently located and very professional, but what really sets this office apart are the rockstar team members. Taylor and Jamie explained everything and got me cleaned up very thoroughly and did all the perio charting and x-rays in a snap. Dr. Jim came in and really listened to my history instead of relying solely on his examination. Dr. Jim and his team specialize in cutting edge technological advancements which means that in 2017 your dentist has more than pliers to work with. From laser cleaning to water picks Dr. Jim is a great resource in the latest dental advancements and takes his time to explain how they work without being pushy or condescending if you opt out.

…Go see them, your mouth will thank you!!!

Kate G.
Palo Alto, CA

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I could not be more impressed and grateful to Dr. Jim and his team at McCreight Progressive Dentistry. Last week was the second time that I have had to go in with a damaged or missing veneer. Both times his staff worked the schedule to get me in and restore my smile. Each visit proved Dr. Jim’s knowledge and expertise in the area of cosmetic dentistry. He is indeed progressive, as his practice suggests. He is a ‘thought leader’ in his field and he lectures and learns about current practices and cases in his field. This little mountain town is very fortunate to have McCreight Progressive Dentistry providing dental and community services. I am now a permanent and grateful new patient in their comprehensive and professional practice.

Tina Sherlock

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