General Dentistry

Complete Health Dentistry

Do we practice general dentistry at McCreight Progressive Dentistry?

Yes! Beyond our reputation of delivering amazing cosmetic dentistry, McCreight Progressive Dentistry strives to deliver the best general dentistry (Complete Health Dentistry) possible in Northwest Colorado, Southern Wyoming, Eastern Utah and beyond. Our dental practice foundation is on preventive dentistry providing care for all ages. With all the modern advances in dental care, we believe prevention of the disease is more comfortable, less costly and more enjoyable for all concerned. After learning how to practice good dental health, problems can be kept to a minimum.

Your first visit to McCreight Progressive Dentistry will focus on a six step exam process to include:

  1. A review of both dental and medical histories including possible family risk factors including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
  2. Oral cancer, obstructive sleep apnea (including Freedman classification) and Temporal Mandibular Joint Evaluation (TMJ) via 3D imaging (CBCT)
  3. Restorative review (includng areas of dental decay/cavities and teeth with cracks and fractures) using digital photography, laser technology (Diagnodent) and magnification used by both the doctor and hygiene team.
  4. Periodontal review of the gums (soft tissue) including full mouth periodontal charting, tissue response and the option of oral DNA salivary testing with OralDNA (Access Genetics).
  5. Occlusion (TMJ bite function) review including occlusion classification and “live” functional analysis with computerized/digital bite analysis via Tek-Scan (T-Scan). Also McCreight Progressive Dentistry pioneered being the first neuromuscular (physiologic) dental office in Steamboat and the Yampa Valley. McCreight Progressive Dentistry also has available to help diagnose occlusion (TMJ) disease surface electrode technology to measure muscle activity (sometimes pain) as well as jaw tracking using the latest BioResearch equipment.
  6. Product recommendations for “home care” use to keep your oral health the best it can be. These products will vary according to the needs of the respective client.  These products represent what the McCreight Progressive Dental Team knows works and products we have served as key opinion leaders (KOL) through various lectures we give through out the year. In some cases the team has helped develop protocols to help make these products work more effectively; often known throughout the world as the McCreight Dental Way (MPDWay).

In summary, your first appointment will focus on what your goals and chief concerns of dental treatment are and to assess what needs you may have through a clinical and radiographic (x-rays) exam. This comprehensive exam as noted will include an oral cancer screening of the conditions of you exam to check the mouth and throat. The teeth will be examined for cavities and “old fillings” will be evaluated for possible leakage or breakage. The gums and other soft tissues will be examined for color, texture, and bleeding to determine if periodontal disease or gum disease may be present. We will also evaluate how the teeth fit together (TMJ/jaw joint evaluation) and to see in adolescence if the permanent teeth have enough room to grow. We can accurately treatment plan each client with this comprehensive exam.

Future appointments including recare exams (usually at six month intervals) will also follow this comprehensive six step exam process.

Often at a separate appointment (Consultation Appointment) recommendations and needs will be discussed and reviewed so that you are aware of the conditions of your mouth and your general oral health. More importantly we want our clients to be informed and in charge of their oral health!

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is always available to clients who are extremely anxious about dentistry.  We want our clients to feel comfortable the entire time they are at McCreight Progressive Dentistry. Also, Bose noise cancellation headphones are available at each dental visit when requested.

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